Doable, Manageable, Accessible


The United States has a vast whole sale market, offering amazing opportunities to ac-quire high quality products for extremely competitive prices. “Made in USA” brand or “From USA” label speaks reliability, durability and quality. Customers trust the made in USA product and it is COST EFFECTIVE. So WHY don’t more whole sale buyers come to the USA from Overseas?
It is common knowledge that overseas buyers encounter difficulty entering the US whole sale market due to some of the following reasons:

  1. Finding USA vendors willing to sell to an overseas buyer, i.e., USA companies prefer selling to and receiving payments from USA based companies rather then dealing with overseas clients which they consider to be unreliable and insecure.
  2. Long Distance travel hurdles such as travel cost, visa acquirement and time, etc.
  3. Product sourcing-where to start?
  4. Maintaining long term travel to USA and continual buying.
  5. Hinderance and difficulty in consolidating product from a multitude of vendors.

ROMAISA’S DESIGNS & PROPERTIES LLC is your one-stop, turn key solution so that USA whole sale product buying is made easy. We are a USA based company that serves as a BUYING HOUSE to take care of ALL your USA whole sale export needs. You no longer have to worry about wether a USA vendor will sell to you or not, or how you will consolidate and ship; or even how you will place repeat and new orders!

In sum, YOU will only deal with Romaisa’s Designs & Properties USA and we, in turn, will take care of all of your USA vendor dealings from order placement and payment to pick and up and delivery to Home Port. With the services we provide, we make USA buying DOABLE, MANAGEABLE AND ACCESSIBLE.